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Contact us if you want to learn more about Mediation or the process Pets Are Family uses.

We'll contact your Ex to make arrangements and set up  a mutually agreeable appointment time. 
If your Ex refuses to participate, you will not be charged.

If you don't reach a full agreement, you may choose to put into writing your partial agreement, and/or schedule a follow-up session.

If you choose to have a written agreement, you may file it with the court and it can become enforceable.  
You can also try another mediation or use our text/email support package to resolve new differences and give your Ex some additional encouragement to cooperate.

You are allowed to reschedule within 8 hours of the time of your appointment.  

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Feel free to ask us anything!  Questions about mediation – the process, cost, or time required? Questions about pet custody in divorce – your state’s law, about your personal situation?  We’ll be happy to send you additional resources and point you in the right direction!

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