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Pet Custody Mediation We can help
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Divorce and Separation are a stressful, difficult time in anyone’s life.  At Pets Are Family, we want to help you make the transition to your new life as easy as possible.  We know there are a lot of questions about what happens with your pets once you’re living apart and we can help.

We can help you work out schedules, expenses, and figure out a plan that is best for your pet!

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Why Mediation?

Logically decide what is the best for your pet(s) and make decisions that protect their emotional and physical health.

Use a third party to help direct conversation and create a positive atmosphere where you can resolve differences.

Trained mediators can help brainstorm solutions which meet both parties' needs.

Have a workable agreement so that you don't have to re-negotiate every thing that happens in life.

Reach mutual agreement with each other instead of paying attorneys to fight with each other.

Give yourself certainty for how life is going to be moving forward, knowing what kind of relationship you will have with your pet(s).


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