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Pets Are Family
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We Care About Animals

At Pets Are Family, we understand how much your pet is loved and proceed accordingly.

We never take for granted the emotions involved with divorce, separation, and your 4-legged family.

We treat every mediation with empathy, patience and the goal to make your life easier during this difficult time.

Our Vision

To help attorneys and courts recognize the important relationship we have with our pets and provide resources for integrating pet custody into divorce and separation.


Pets Are Family

Our Mission

help your dog cope with the stress of divorce

Provide assistance so that you may work through your most difficult hurdles, move forward, and prioritize your pets.  To help people get “unstuck” and find a better way forward with their divorce and separation.

Pets Are Family

Meet Our Mediators


Maggie spent most of her career litigating contested child custody cases. Her focus is on resolution for today and tomorrow - creating a plan that will give you a way forward without fighting.


Amber recognized the need for pet mediation after going through a contested divorce with her 3 dogs. She realized how valuable mediation was when deciding issues around her son and wanted to apply her skills to help others.


Josh does community and custody mediation but his true passion is with animals. He wants to make sure your pet has their needs met. Josh also loves nature photography.

We have an experienced, qualified team 
to help you transition to your new life.

Why Choose Us

Why Mediation?

Logically decide what is the best for your pet(s) and make decisions that protect their emotional and physical health.

Use a third party to help direct conversation and create a positive atmosphere where you can resolve differences.

Trained mediators can help brainstorm solutions which meet both parties' needs.

Have a workable agreement so that you don't have to re-negotiate every thing that happens in life.

Get your issues resolved without litigation or lengthy negotiation between attorneys.  

Give yourself certainty for how life is going to be moving forward, knowing what kind of relationship you will have with your pet(s).


We want to help you move forward

Pets Are Family

Our Services

Pets Are Family

We’ll Take Care
of You & Your Pet

We can offer the space to take out some emotion and let you make decisions based on how you want your future to be.

We'll make sure neither of you lose sight of your goal - to give your pet the best life possible!

We help you to stop fighting by allowing you to make some decisions on how you want things to be right now.

Address issues such as vet bills and a custody schedule.

Look at what to do as each of your lives change. Make sure fights don't pop up later as you're moving forward.