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Text & Email Package

Terms & Conditions

Pets Are Family offers its services as professional, neutral third parties trained in custody and divorce mediation.  We do not advocate on behalf of either party, but help you negotiate with each other by clarifying details and interpreting messages into neutral, universal communication.

Texts/Emails are delivered to your Ex within 1 hour of receipt.  You will receive confirmation when your text or email has been delivered. Pets Are Family cannot be responsible for your Ex’s timely (or untimely) response.  If no answer is received, Pets Are Family will re-send messages after 4 hours at no charge.

Pets Are Family sends communication between the hours of 8am-8pm of the recipient’s local time.  If both parties are actively engaged in negotiation, the time may be extended later.

If an agreement is reached, you will receive a group text/email detailing the new understanding.

Texts/Emails initiated by Pets Are Family are not charged against your plan.

Texts/Emails should be of reasonable length, and contain only one issue.  Pets Are Family reserves the right to divide your messages if they are unreasonably long or unwieldy.

If your Ex refuses to participate, you may choose to receive a 75% refund or a 100% credit for another service.

Plans are valid for 90 days.

Pets Are Family does not offer legal or psychological advice or consult.