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Written Agreement

Pets Are Family provides you with a written document of the parties’ agreement with every mediation.  For an extra fee, Pets Are Family will provide you with a written agreement you may sign and present to the Court.

We will make sure it is compliant with your jurisdiction and ready to be filed with the Court either through your attorney, or pro se.  The written agreement may cover all contingencies that may occur between you and your Ex and your pet(s).  Including, but not limited to, expenses, custody schedule, action in the event of emergencies, possible relocation of one party, and new developments that may occur in each of your lives.

Once signed by both parties and filed, this will become a binding contract enforceable through contempt actions.


While many of our mediators are licensed lawyers, they may not be licensed in your state.  The written agreement is a reflection of the parties’ mutual agreement, and not a legally negotiated document.  You are encouraged to have an attorney licensed in your state review and advise you on your agreement prior to signing and filing with the Court.


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pet custody during divorce
Pets Are Family

We’ll Take Care
of You & Your Pet

We can offer the space to take out some emotion and make decisions based on how you want your future to be.

We'll make sure neither of you lose sight of your goal - to give your pet the best life possible!

We help you to stop fighting by allowing you to make some decisions on how you want things to be right now.

Address issues such as vet bills and a custody schedule.

Look at what to do as each of your lives change, make sure fights don't pop up later as you're moving forward.

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