Flexible Packages


Flexible Packages

After you complete your initial mediation session, you may need to return to mediation again.  If so, you can choose between flexible packages depending on what kind of issue needs to be resolved, all of which are at a discounted rate – up to 20%!

Choose to pay by 30 minute increments instead of a full session, giving you flexibility.  Services are fully personalized to your needs.

All follow-up packages get priority scheduling, no matter how long ago your original mediation was.


$110 - 30 Minutes
$200 - 60 Minutes

Benefits of Services

pet custody during divorce
Pets Are Family

We’ll Take Care
of You & Your Pet

We can offer the space to take out some emotion and make decisions based on how you want your future to be.

We'll make sure neither of you lose sight of your goal - to give your pet the best life possible!

We help you to stop fighting by allowing you to make some decisions on how you want things to be right now.

Address issues such as vet bills and a custody schedule.

Look at what to do as each of your lives change, make sure fights don't pop up later as you're moving forward.

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